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Phase 2

A SOSPOSA appraisal agent will contact you and set up an appointment. A document with the required information for this appointment will be forwarded to you. You can also download the document below:

During the appointment the appraisal agent will verify that all information requested and provided by you is accurate. Please fill out the document once received and attach it below

Phase 3

The SOSPOSA appraisal agent will send their verification document, completed during their visit to you, to Professor Roelofse for final sign-off. 

On completion of the above, you will receive a SOSPOSA appraisal accreditation certificate. This certificate can be displayed to clients to show them that your practice 100% complies with the SASA Sedation Guidelines in terms of safety practice.

Furthermore, you will qualify for a 10% discount at MPS South Africa on your premiums for the 2-year accredited period. SOSPOSA will send the information directly to MPS on your behalf. 

Upload the filled out document that you downloaded as an assignment below: